My Life as a Machine: Three Little Pigs

There were three little pigs.  The eldest pig left home after an altercation with their parents. For some reason, their parents distrusted the eldest pig, though he was considerate and kind. When the eldest left home, the house became less vibrant. The middle pig and the youngest pig felt the sting of living without their brother, so they left home to forge their own path.

When the three pigs reunited, they were happy, but they wanted to live separate lives. The youngest pig lived in an overly decorated mansion. Although he lived in a beautiful mansion, the youngest pig spent most of his money on video games, gadgets, and iPhone usage. As time quickly went by, he realized that his income and his lifestyle weren’t within the means of living. Before he could do anything, a wolf came to his door. Mr. Wolf was part of the foreclosure department at his bank, and he came to take his home.

“Let me in!” cried Mr. Wolf, banging on the door to the youngest pig’s expensive mansion.

The youngest pig refused. Because he was never taught how to spend his money wisely and save money, the youngest pig had nothing left. Once he realized his mistake, he escaped from his mansion and ran to the middle pig’s house.

“You have to help me!’ said the youngest pig to his sister as she let him into her simple cottage. “I have nothing in my bank account and Mr. Wolf is here to claim my possessions!”

The sister pig shook her head. “I can’t help you,” she replied. “We have always told you to be careful about your money. I don’t have enough money to bail you out and live decently myself. After all, I’m still in college.”

The youngest son became angry at his sister. “Bitch,” he murmured as he exited the sister pig’s home. He left, cursing under his breath while he ran to the oldest pig’s humble condo. ‘He’ll understand me,’ thought the youngest.

“You have to help me!” cried the youngest pig to his eldest brother when he answered the door. “I have nothing in my bank account and Mr. Wolf is here to claim my possessions!”

The eldest pig narrowed his eyes at his younger brother. “I can’t help you,” he told him. “We’ve told you so many times to watch your spending. Now look at you!”

“But our sister would not help me! You have to help me!” the youngest protested.

The eldest shook his head. “She is right. You have to learn the consequences of spending too much. You can’t even rely credit cards these days.”

The youngest pig sneered at the eldest pig. “I hate you!” He left in a huff and soon arrived at his parents’ small house. “Mom! Dad! You have to help me! I have nothing in my bank account and Mr. Wolf is here to claim my possessions!”

Both of the parents stared at their son solemnly. “I’m sorry, son, but you know your mother and I cannot help you with this,” said the father. “We are still paying off our debts and we can’t afford to pay your expenses as well.”

The mother pursed her lips. “Remember, we warned you what happened if you spent more than you make!”

The youngest pig left the house, angry as ever. Why was everyone against him? He needed their help, yet, they refused to help him out. His own family! The pig went to ask his friends in the countryside. All of them said the same thing his brother and sister said.

“Yeah, you suck with money,” remarked one close friend as he drank his beer.

Angry, the youngest pig stormed back to his mansion. He hoped Mr. Wolf was gone. Unfortunately, the wolf was still there, waiting for the youngest pig to return. “We are taking your home and all of your assets,” announced Mr. Wolf, giving him a clipboard to sign things off. Before the youngest pig could protest, Mr. Wolf interrupted him. “We have given you enough chances and you have not complied. There is nothing you can do right now to stop us from taking your things today unless you pay now.”

Sadly, the youngest pig could not pay for anything. After all, he was behind his credit card payments. He watched as all of his precious items were placed onto a truck and carted away. Mr. Wolf put a “Foreclosed” sign on his property.

“Why is this happening to me?” the youngest pig questioned aloud. “I’m a teacher, but this is happening to me.”

Mr. Wolf heard him and answered, “This happens to anyone who doesn’t know anything about money.”

The youngest pig glared at the wolf. “Give me a break. My parents told me enough.”

“Obviously, you didn’t listen,” said Mr. Wolf.


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