My Life as a Machine: The Word “Perfect”

“Perfect”. I hate that word. Any time I hear that word used in a serious context, my entire being becomes focused on the word. Even reading it in the Bible–“get closer to perfect”–is laughable. There’s not such thing as “perfect” in this world.  Why would the Bible say that? Of all places, the Bible should know not to suggest something impossible.

I hate “perfect”. It means that there is an ultimate comparison out there, and that means there’s another place for people and machines to worry about, to hang themselves out for death towards, to brag to others about. There’s nothing great about being “perfect” or striving for “perfect”.  There’s only getting better, improving oneself. It’s something that animals aren’t gifted with besides getting food, building shelter, or self defense. And people have such a hard time just bettering themselves, let alone, becoming “perfect”.

Since I don’t believe in that whimsical word “perfect”, I don’t believe in perfectly straight lines. I’m happy just scraping a pencil in something resembling a line versus using a level to draw a tiny straight pencil line. I hate grids. I hate it all. It’s because of this reason that I have a deflection from mathematics. It’s just too straightforward and cold, and I hate that too.

I suppose that’s why I hate “perfection” as well. There’s nothing fun  or interesting. If you’re perfect, you know everything, you can do anything, and you don’t need anyone. You just are flawless.


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