The Desire

I need to get away.

Not just, “Hey, how ya doing, Relatives I Only Contact So I Don’t Have to Pay for a Hotel.” I want to really just get up and get away.

I feel so burnt out right now, in the same old city doing the same old thing. The worst part? The city is practically yelling at me to get away! I’ve been on a job search since who-knows-when, and here I am, officially graduated with two majors, and nobody bites.

This bites!

I wasn’t planning on my life being like this. It just did–hey, thanks, Life–but what I need I can’t get. At least, not right now.

So how am I supposed to get away when my city rejects me? How am I supposed to get some miles underneath my feet when money is gone? I’m sure homeless people do it all of the time, but that’s not me. I plan. I execute. I peel onion layers of questions apart and donate them to an organic garden.

Even though I’m completely burnt out, I feel restless. I don’t know if something exciting will happen in the future. There’s something in the air and I want to grasp and understand it. Maybe it’s so fleeting now because I’m not ready to comprehend this different future?

For now, it doesn’t matter. I just hope my future holds some sort of getaway, free peanuts included.


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